Storing and Retrieving Data

User Data

The Store offers developers the ability to store and access data for individual users to personalize user experiences.

Storing Data

Data can be stored for botlets using the SAVE command.

Retrieving Data

Botlet Data

Botlet data can be accessed via the LOAD and FIND commands. To share data with other botlets, you can create an action that can be invoked by other botlets. This action will be responsible to LOAD the data and return it to the requesting botlet.

Existing User Data

Existing Microsoft User Data can be accessed via the get_personal_info prebuilt botlet.

Example Use Case

It would be possible to create a Package Tracker skill which uses a botlet that collects and stores package tracking information using the mso.parcel_delivery type from the Entities in order to show the latest delivery status of a given package.

The code sample below shows that mso.parcel_delivery has many properties. Here we only filled two of them for demonstration purposes.

Code Sample:


CREATE "$mso.parcel_delivery", entity_title = "parcel", description="my package", tracking_number="12345" STORE myPackage
SAVE myPackage as "myPackage"
LOAD "myPackage" STORE loadedMyPackage