Prebuilt Botlets


Prebuilt botlets are an extremely useful library for developers to use for writing skills. Prebuilt botlets fall into three general categories:

  • Constructing entities
  • Interaction with the user
  • General utilities

Prebuilt Botlet Categories

Below are some descriptions of the different type of prebuilt botlets.

Entities (system.entity_resolver)

Entity prebuilt botlets create and enrich entities of various types. These botlets generally take in user input and return a structured typed entity. For documentation on entities, see: Entities. Sample botlets in this space include:

  • get_contact_name
  • get_location
  • get_number
  • get_time_x
  • get_timezone

Interaction (system.interaction)

Interaction prebuilt botlets aid in handling interaction with the user. In general, these botlets handle aspects of back and forth interaction with the user beyond the initial request. Sample botlets in this space include:

  • get_confirmation
  • get_greetings_reply
  • select_action_item_pair
  • select_item

Utilities (system.utility)

Utility prebuilt botlets are more general purpose botlets, that handle a variety of tasks. These botlets generally do not interact with the user, but rather help aid and enrich skills for the developer. Sample botlets in this space include:

  • decode_html
  • encode_decode_url
  • extract_url_domain
  • get_personal_info
  • get_semantic_categorization
  • get_string
  • get_user_location
  • normalize_phone_number
  • paginate_items
  • tag_pos

To see a list of prebuilt botlets, see: Full List of Prebuilt Botlets