Guide to Help Documentation


This table of contents is divided into seven information categories. The purpose of these categories is to make it easier for developers to find the conceptual topics of skill creation and to learn about the user interface features used in composing skills and flows.

Getting Started with Skills

Getting Started with Skills is intended for new and experienced developers. It is a guide that teaches the fundamentals of creating a basic skill and describes the concepts that make up the composition of flows.

UX Overview

The UX Overview is the location to learn about the user interface features of the Store portal and Workspace environment that is used for doing all your work in. It is here that you will find general information about things like what is a Microsoft Account (MSA) and where do you renew and expired developer token.

System Concepts

System Concepts consists of topics related to composing and managing skills in the Workspace. It is here you will find information ranging from service creation and other subjects such as the Semantic Composition Language.


The References category consists of information that you can look up such as the syntax commands of the Semantic Composition Language or to see the list of Prebuilt botlets.


The Terminology Help page consists of terms found throughout the Store and Workspace. It also consists of conceptual terms described in the creation of skills and flows.

Testing and Debugging

Testing and Debugging consists of the features used in testing and troubleshooting skills. It is here that you will find information on how to use the Test Chat Tool that is used for testing skills against the runtime API. If you encounter a failure with a skill, you can refer to the History and Logs Help pages to assist you with determining the root cause of a failure.

Tutorials and Code Samples

It is here you that you can try out self-guided tutorials such as using C# code in your botlet logic or how to create a Cortana skill. The list of tutorials and code samples will expand in time.